China Best Sales CAT 2/3 (CAT 2 Tractor to CAT 3 Implement) 3-Point Tractor Quick Hitch near me shop

This quick hitch meets all ASAE standards and is a high quality unit. Check out the welds in the pictures! This unit has been around for a time and it is top quality!

Ships free to a commercial address or address with a method of unloading a crate from the back gate of a semi truck (fork lift, bucket tractor).  Additional charges may apply for extremely remote areas but we will check with you before shipping the order if that is the case.  Lift-gate Service to get the crate off of the semi is an extra fee that you will be charged by the freight company if you need this service.

Category 2/3 Quick Hitch


  • See Photo in listing for dimensions
  • Use your CAT 3  Implements on your CAT 2 or CAT 3 Tractor
  • Quick Hitch Is Rated For Tractors Up To 200HP With Category 3, 3-Point Hitches.
    • Your 3-Point Implements & Attachments Must Be Quick Hitch Compatible For This Quick Hitch To Work!
  • All connection points ASAE Cat 3
  • Includes Lift Arm Mounting Pins
  • Weight: 185 lbs